Endrina Tay
Fiske and Marie Kimball Librarian, Jefferson Library
(Former Associate Foundation Librarian for Technical Services, Jefferson Library)
Project Management, Research, Database Editing & Web Content

Chad Wollerton
Director of Digital Media and Strategy
Web Editing

Jack Robertson
Director Emeritus, Jefferson Library

Susan Spengler
Technical Specialist, Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series
Manuscript Transcription Enhancement, Web Editing and Redesign


Thomas Baughn
Former Historian, Marine Corps University and Independent Scholar
Transcription & Linking (2004-2007)

John R. Barden
Former Director, Law and Legislative Reference Library, State of Maine, and
Former Head of Reference and Research Service, University of Richmond School of Law
Transcription (1999-2002)

Stephen Perkins
Former Managing Director, IDM USA /
Database Development, Data Transformation & Scripting (2004-2008)

Gray Young
Former Software Developer, IDM USA /
Web Programming (2007-2008)

Susan H. Perdue
Former Senior Associate Editor, Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series

Eric Johnson
Former New Media Specialist, Marketing & Communications, Monticello
Web Design & Web Editing (2007-2011)

Justin Van Kleeck
Contract Staff, January – July 2007
Data Markup

Mark Peterson
Project Intern, June – August 2008
Transcription Editing

Amy Grimm
Project Intern, May – June 2009
Database Editing

Mark Lane
Project Intern, January – April 2010
Database Editing & Transcription

Sara Ervin
Library Volunteer, January 2010 – April 2011, July 2014 to December 2019
Sowerby Transcription Enhancement & Manuscript Transcription (2010-2011)
Database Editing (2014-2019)

Willa Armstrong
Project Volunteer, May – December 2011

Jyle Dupuis
Library Volunteer, April 2012 to October 2013
Manuscript Transcription Enhancement

Trillian Hosticka
Library Volunteer, October 2012 – November 2013

Marlan Golden
Project Intern, May – July 2013

Matthew Diem
Project Intern, May - July 2014
Database Editing

Jarrett Dunning
Project Intern, May – July 2014
Database Editing

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