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The goal of the Thomas Jefferson's Libraries project is to compile and make available to the scholarly community and members of the public information on Jefferson's libraries and his books. Our hope is that over time this database will expand to become a shared repository of authoritative information and a community resource that is freely available to all for research and study.

As we continue this ongoing effort to build and enhance this database, we welcome contributions, corrections, and feedback that address current information gaps in the Thomas Jefferson's Libraries database. We encourage interested libraries, repositories, scholars, researchers and other individuals to contribute knowledge and expertise, especially with regard to extant copies of Jefferson's books or to specific imprints documented in this resource. New information added to the database via this means will be credited to the institution or individual contributor, and shared with the user community. Send us your contributions and feedback via email or phone, (434) 984-7540.

We also welcome questions relating to Thomas Jefferson's Libraries and to content found on this website. If you have a general question regarding Thomas Jefferson or Monticello, be sure to first check the following resources to be sure your question has not already been addressed:

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