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3d. Chancery rep. 8vo   Nelson’s Chancery reports 8
Kaim’s Pr. Eq. fol.
Treatise of Equity fol.
Swinburne on wills. fol.
P. W. rep. 3.v. fol.
Ca. temp. Talbot. fol
Bunbury’s reports fol.
Atkyns’s rep. 1st. & 3d. v. fol.
Vezey’s rep. 2.v. fol.
Gilbert’s reports. fol.
Ca. in Eq. abridged. 2.v. fol.
Jacob’s introdn to the Common, civil & canon laws. 8vo.
Law of Devises 8vo
   Uses & trusts 8vo
   Awards 8vo
   Bills 8vo
   Covenants 8vo
   Obligations 8vo
Laws of US. 1st. 2d. 3d. vols 8vo.
Brown’s Entering clerk’s Vade mecum 8vo.
Danvers’ abr. 2d. & 3d v. fol.
Bacon’s abr’ 4. v. in 7. vol. fol.
Jacob’s L. D. fol.
Registrum brevium fol.
Modern entries 2d. v.
Rastell’s entr. fol.
Robinson’s entr. fol.
Winch’s entries. folio [ed. entry inserted later?]
Dalton’s sheriff. fol.
Hale’s P.C. 2. v. fol.
Hawkins’ P.C. fol.
Foster’s crown law.
Wingate’s Maxims fol.
Godbolt’s reports 4to. [ed. entry inserted later?]
Moore’s rep. fol.
Sr. W. Jones’s
T. Raymond’s
Shower’s ca. in parl.
Ld. Raymond’s 2.v. fol.
Fortescue’s rep.
Strange’s rep. 1st. vol.
  to James Dinsmore.
Stewart & Revett’s Antiquities of Athens.
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