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vero aucta interpretatione Græcarum vocum, quæ in iisdem occurrunt. Hagæ-Comitis: ex officina Joannis W. van Bulderen, Anno cIɔ Icɔlxvi. [1666.]
Jefferson unclassified
Sm. 8vo. 24 leaves of text, A-C 8, with 8 blank leaves in each sheet.
Not in Graesse.
Original vellum, not initialled by Jefferson. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
On the fly-leaf are autograph signatures as follows:
Sum ex libris Cardi Havell Die 2do Octobris 1685 (the word Sum crossed out and Fui inserted above).
Sum ex Libris Jacobi Reynardson 1758 ( Sum similarly crossed out and Fui inserted).
Both these alterations by Rogers Parker, who has signed his name: Sum ex libris Rogers Parker 1760.
This is followed by Francis Willis October, 13, 1760.
Notes in these hands on the interleaves and a manuscript index on 4 pages at the end.
Gerhard Johann Vossius, 1577-1649, Dutch-German scholar and theologian, was in 1622 appointed professor of rhetoric and chronology at the University of Leyden.
?J. 11
Dugard Rhetorices elementa. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 4, as above.
DUGARD, William.
Rhetorices Elementa, Quæstionibus et Responsionibus Explicata: Quæ ità formantur, ut Quæstionibus prorsus omissis, vel neglectis, Responsiones solummodò integram Rhetorices Institutionem Tyronibus exhibeant. Per Guil. Dugard. In Usum Scholæ Mercatorum-Scissorum. Editio Quarto-decima . . . Londini: Excudebat J. W. pro J. Philips, H. Rhodes, and J. Taylor, 1712.
PN4103 .D8
Sm. 8vo. 20? leaves. This copy, the only one available, is imperfect, collates A-B 8, C 2 and ends with the catchword Imper-. The text finishes on B 8 recto, and is followed by the Appendix.
Not in Lowndes.
This edition not in the Cambridge Bibl. of Eng. Lit.
This copy has been rebound by the Library of Congress in half red morocco, and all marks of provenance lost. It seems very possible that it is the copy from the Jefferson collection, as the majority of his books in this chapter are still extant.
William Dugard, 1606-1662, English schoolmaster, became the headmaster of Merchant Taylors’ School, to the masters of which this book is dedicated, in 1644. The first edition was printed in 1648, the year before Dugard was committed to Newgate for printing on his private press the Defensio regis pro Carolo primo of Salmasius, and was dismissed by the Merchant Taylors’ Company. Dugard’s release was effected by John Milton, whose answer to Salmasius was printed on Dugard’s press.
J. 12
Quincteliani institutiones Oratoriae. 4 to.
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 18, as above.
QUINTILIANUS, Marcus Fabius.
M. Fabii Quinctiliani de Institutione Oratoria Libri Duodecim. Juxta Editionem, quæ, ad fidem trium Codicum MSS, & octo Impressorum, prodiit è Theatro Sheldoniano, Oxonii, An. 1693. Huic Editioni accedunt Notæ maximè Utiles & Necessariæ, è Turnebo, & aliis. Londini: Excudebat E. P. Impensis J. Nicholson, in Little-Britain; R. Knaplock & W. Innys in Areâ Boreali D. Pauli. c i ɔ i ɔ ccxiv . [1714.]
PA6649 .A2 1714
Volume V : page 16
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