Volume V : page 17
8vo. 400 leaves.
Graesse V, 529[.]
Ebert 18465.
Dibdin II, 368.
Old calf. Not initialled by Jefferson. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
It cannot be certain that this volume was from Jefferson’s library and sold by him to Congress. It is described here on account of the presence of the 1815 bookplate, on which the number has been partly defaced, but definitely appears to be Chap. 40. No. 18, that is the number of the book in the 1815 catalogue. The doubt is caused by the fact that Jefferson’s manuscript and the Library of Congress catalogues of 1815 and 1830 definitely call for an edition in quarto, without identification of edition. There is no entry for an edition in quarto in any later catalogue and no edition in any format is assigned to the Jefferson collection in the later catalogues. The evidence of the 1815 bookplate with the correct number is fairly conclusive. Another bookplate has been removed.
Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, c. A.D. 35-c. 95, was born in Spain and educated in Rome. He was appointed Professor of Rhetoric by Vespasian, and Pliny the Younger was one of his pupils. The Oxford edition printed in 1693 of the Institutione Oratoria was edited by Edmund Gibson, 1669-1748 (afterwards Bishop of London). To this reprint of 1714 were added the notes of Adrian Turnèbe, 1512-1565, French scholar, and one of the Royal Readers in Greek.
J. 13
Ward’s Oratory. 2. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 19, as above.
WARD, John.
A System of Oratory, delivered in a course of lectures publicly read at Gresham College, London: to which is prefixed an inaugural oration, spoken in Latin, before the commencement of the lectures, according to the usual custom. By John Ward, D.LL. P.R.G.C. F.R. and A.SS. and T.B.M. Vol. I [-II.] London: printed for John Ward, m.dcc.lix . [1759.]
PN4105 .W35
First Edition. 2 vol. 8vo. 224 and 222 leaves, list of errata at the end.
Lowndes V, 2838.
Old calf. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T. Library of Congress 1815 bookplate in both volumes, the name Geo. Watterston written on the back cover of Volume I twice.
John Ward, 1679?-1755, was professor of rhetoric at Gresham College. He was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and a trustee of the British Museum.
Cicero de arte Oratoriâ. Proust. 2. v. 8 vo.

Cicero de Oratore. Pearce. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 155, unnumbered. [Cicero de Arte Oratoriâ] in op. [Cicero de Oratore] in op.
For the Opera of Cicero, see in Chapter xliv.
J. 15
Cicero’s Orator. by Guthrie. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 155, no. 22, as above.
CICERO, Marcus Tullius.
M. T. Cicero de Oratore. Or, his three Dialogues upon the Character and qualifications of an orator translated into English. With notes historical and explanatory, and an introductory preface. To which is added, an explanation of the terms and phrases used by the author, alphabetically digested. By William
Volume V : page 17
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