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Etienne Bonnot de Condillac, 1714-1780, French abbé and member of the French Academy. He was the brother of the abbé Mably, q.v.
Valentin de Foronda, Spanish scholar, was a friend of Jefferson. Other works by him are in this catalogue.
J. 7
The Logic of Condillac by Neef. 12 mo. p.
1815 Catalogue, page 155, no. 2, as above, but p 8vo.
CONDILLAC, Etienne Bonnot de.
The Logic of Condillac. Translated by Joseph Neef, as an illustration of the plan of education established at his school near Philadelphia. Philadelphia printed 1809.
B1983 .L63 E56
12mo. 71 leaves.
Not in Sabin.
Bound for Jefferson in tree calf, gilt back, marbled endpapers, probably by John March. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate. On the title-page is pasted a slip with C.40/2/ in Jefferson’s handwriting.
For Joseph Neef, see no. 1112.
J. 8
Fraunces Lawyer’s logic. p 4 to.
1815 Catalogue, page 155, no. 17, as above.
FRAUNCE, Abraham.
The Lawiers Logike, exemplifying the præcepts of Logike by the practise of the common Lawe, by Abraham Fraunce. At London: Imprinted by Wiliam How, for Thomas Gubbin, and T. Newman. 1588.
BC151 .F8
First Edition, Second issue. 4to. 154 leaves: [ ] 2, B-Y, Aa-Rr 4 (Aa ii a blank), A generall Table of the whole Booke (folded) inserted between Ii 2 and Ii 3; printed partly in black letter.
Lowndes II, 836.
Cambridge Bibl. of Eng. Lit. I, 436.
STC 11344.
Bound in old calf, many leaves wormed; initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T, a few manuscript notes in an early hand. The Library of Congress 1815 bookplate concealed under new endpapers, the bookplate of 1864 on the endpaper.
Abraham Fraunce, fl. 1587-1633, English poet and lawyer, was a friend of Sir Philip Sidney and his family. The work is dedicated to the Earl of Pembroke in rhymed hexameters.

Aristotelis Rhetorica. Gr. Lat. p. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 155, unnumbered. [Aristotelis Rhetorica, Gr. Lat. Riccoboni,] in operibus.
See no. 4911.
J. 10
Vossii Rhetorica. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 3, as above.
VOSSIUS, Gerhard Johann.
Ger. Jo. Vossii Elementa Rhetorica, oratoriis ejusdem partitionibus accommodata. Inque usum Scholarum Hollandiæ, & West-Frisiæ emendatius edita. Nunc
Volume V : page 15
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