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plates; the name of a former owner, with the date 1789, has been scratched out from the inside covers of the volumes, and cut away from the first title.
Bought from Dufief, Philadelphia, in February 1813, price $ 12.50.
A copy of this edition was offered to Jefferson in a letter from Koenig of Strassburg on May 26, 1788, price 30 (?francs), but evidently was not purchased. At the end of 1812 Jefferson had no edition of Livy in 8vo format, and on December 25 of that year wrote to Dufief at Philadelphia asking for “ copies of Livy and Tacitus in Latin. any edition in 8 vo. or any smaller size, of a good type, of either of them will do. but I should prefer . . . Tonson’s 12 mo. edition of Livy in 6 vols. edited I think by Maittaire . . .
In reply Dufief sent, on January 4, 1813, a copy of an Elzevir edition in 4 volumes, $8.00. Jefferson wrote on January 9: “ I recieved last night your favor of the 4 th. with the Elzevir Livy, which, having your permission, I now return because I already possess that edition, and it is too small in it’s type for my eyes. I possess also the 4 to. Delphin edition but I dislike such cumbersome volumes. having a desire to give Livy a reading at this time, I wished a handy edition and of a type suited to a Septagenary. Maittaire’s is the best for my purpose, being of a good print, in 6. vols 12 mo. there may be others perhaps equally suitable. such an edition I will thankfully recieve from you.
On February 1, Dufief wrote offering to Jefferson the 10 volume edition described above, and which he purchased: “Je n’ai pu encore malgré toutes mes recherches réussir à trouver l’édition de Tite Live par Mattaire. Mais je puis obtenir un exemplaire d’un autre Editeur, en 10 vol s 12 o reliés, prix 12-50 c t. En voici le titre: “Titi Livii historiarum quod exstat, cum integris Joannis Freinshemii Supplementis emendatioribus et suis locis collocatis, tabulis Geographicis & copioso indice. Recensuit et notutis auxit Joannes clericus”. Amsterdam 1710 . . .”
Jefferson accepted this on February 11: “ I thank you for the trouble you have taken to find a copy of Livy for me. that which you mention in your letter of the 1 st. inst. just now recieved, will answer perfectly, & probably better than Maittaire’s . . .
Dufief’s bill for this copy was receipted on May 29, 1815. It was the William Byrd copy, in the catalogue of whose library it is listed as being in case no. H, sixth shelf, duodecimo.
There is no entry for this edition in Jefferson’s manuscript catalogues, though the book was sold to Congress in 1815.
Jean Leclerc [Joannes Clericus], 1657-1736, Swiss philosopher, theologian, critic, and man of letters, was professor of belles-lettres, philosophy, hebrew, and ecclesiastical history at the Collège des Remonstrants, at Amsterdam.
William Byrd, 1674-1744, of Westover, Virginia, was the first native of the British colonies in Continental America to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. He collected a fine library which was sold after his death. Jefferson purchased a number of his books from Nicholas Gouin Dufief (q.v.), who had acquired them at the sale.
Armand Koenig, Strassbourg bookseller, with whom Jefferson had dealings during his residence in Paris.
Sallust. Delphini. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 6. no. 73, id. Delphini, 8vo.
C. Sallustii Crispi Opera omnia, quæ extant, Interpretatione et Notis illustravit Daniel Crispinus, in usum Serenissimi Delphini . . . Londini: Typis Gul. Strahan. Impensis S. Ballard, W. Innys, A. Ward [and others], M.DCC.XLVI. [1746.]
PA6653 .A2 1746
8vo. 176 leaves; title printed in red and black, text in long lines, Interpretatio and Notae in double columns.
Rebound in half red morocco, by the Library of Congress, with the armorial bookplate of George Wythe and the Library of Congress 1815 bookplates preserved. Some side notes in ink by Wythe. Not initialled by Jefferson.
One of the books bequeathed to Jefferson by George Wythe.
Caius Sallustius Crispus, B.C. 86-34, Roman historian. This edition of his works is a late reprint of the London edition of 1697, copied from the original Paris Delphin edition of 1674, and is unnoticed by the bibliographers.
Daniel Crispin, fl. 1746, Swiss man of letters.
Volume I : page 27
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