Endrina Tay
Associate Foundation Librarian for Technical Services, Jefferson Library
Project Management, Research, Database Editing & Web Content

Chad Wollerton
Director of Digital Media and Strategy
Web Editing

Jack Robertson
Foundation Librarian, Jefferson Library

Susan Spengler
Technical Specialist, Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series
Manuscript Transcription Enhancement, Web Editing and Redesign


Thomas Baughn
Historian, Marine Corps at Quantico
(Former Independent Scholar)
Transcription & Linking (2004-2007)

John R. Barden
Director, Law and Legislative Reference Library, State of Maine
(Former Head of Reference and Research Service, University of Richmond School of Law)
Transcription (1999-2002)

Stephen Perkins
Managing Director
IDM USA (Formerly
Database Development, Data Transformation & Scripting (2004-2008)

Gray Young
Software Developer
IDM USA (Formerly
Web Programming (2007-2008)

Susan H. Perdue
Director, Documents Compass
(Former Senior Associate Editor, Papers of Thomas Jefferson Retirement Series)

Eric Johnson
Head, Innovative Media, VCU Libraries at Virginia Commonwealth University
(Former New Media Specialist, Marketing & Communications, Monticello)
Web Design & Web Editing (2007-2011)

Justin Van Kleeck
Contract Staff, January – July 2007
Data Markup

Mark Peterson
Project Intern, June – August 2008
Transcription Editing

Amy Grimm
Project Intern, May – June 2009
Database Editing

Mark Lane
Project Intern, January – April 2010
Database Editing & Transcription

Sara Ervin
Library Volunteer, January 2010 – April 2011, July 2014 to Date
Sowerby Transcription Enhancement & Manuscript Transcription (2010-2011)
Database Editing (2014 - )

Willa Armstrong
Project Volunteer, May – December 2011

Jyle Dupuis
Library Volunteer, April 2012 to October 2013
Manuscript Transcription Enhancement

Trillian Hosticka
Library Volunteer, October 2012 – November 2013

Marlan Golden
Project Intern, May – July 2013

Matthew Diem
Project Intern, May - July 2014
Database Editing

Jarrett Dunning
Project Intern, May – July 2014
Database Editing

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