In partnership with LibraryThing, the Thomas Jefferson’s Libraries website provides information about the books Thomas Jefferson read, owned, and recommended or presented to others, together with supporting information to place what users find in its historical context.

Users can:

  • Search for books Jefferson either owned, desired to own, or was familiar with, by keyword, title/author, subject or by classification tags
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  • Browse page transcriptions of Jefferson’s book lists and catalogues, including a full-text version of the Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Jefferson edited by E. Millicent Sowerby and published by the Library of Congress between 1952-1959, and her extensive annotations. The online version of Sowerby's work available on this site incorporates ALL of Sowerby's additions and corrections published in Volume V in individual entries and annotations, which makes this online edition the most complete version available. Sowerby's annotated catalogue is also keyword searchable here.
  • Link to page images of manuscript book lists from individual book entries
  • Find out when Jefferson owned a title, and the various editions he owned, and what he thought of a certain title or author under Reviews
  • Find information regarding the location of the extant copy if known
  • Learn about Jefferson and his lifelong passion for reading, as well as the history of his various book collections
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