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5. The history of Barbadoes, 12º.-
39. Concise historical account of the British Colonies in N. America, 8º.
40. History of the present war (1775) 2 d v 8º.
76. Histoire de la dernière guerre (1775) 4º.
6. Histoire de la dernière guerre (1775-1783) 3 v 12º.
41. Andrews’ history of the American war, 4 v 8º.
42. Gordon’s history of the independence of the U.S. of America, 4 v 8º.
43. Mrs Warren’s history of the American revolution, 3 v 8º.
44. Ramsays history of the American revolution, 2 v 8º.
45. Révolution de l’Amérique par rapport à la Caroline Meridionale. par Ramsay, 2 v 8º.
46. Ramsay’s history of the revolution of S Carolina, 2 v 8º.
47. Storia della guerra dell’Independenza degli S. U. d’America, dal Botta, 4 v 8º.
48. Histoire de l’administration du Ld North, par d’Auberteuil, 8º.
49. Essais historiques sur les anglo-Americains, par d’Auberteuil, 2 v. 8º.
50. Histoire des troubles de l’Amérique par Soulès, 4 v 8º.
51. Histoire de la révolution de l’Amérique Septentrionale, par Chas et Le Brun, 8º.
7. Deane’s intercepted Letters, 12º.
52. Burgogne’s State of his expedition from Canada 8º.
53. Narrative of Clinton’s & Cornwallis’ conduct in America, 8º
77. Tarletons history of the Campaign of 1781, 1781. 4º.
54. McKensie’s Strictures on Tarleton’s history, 8º.
55. Heath’s Memoirs 8º.
56. Memoirs of Genl. Charles Lee, 8º.
57. Henry Lee’s Memoirs of the war in the Southern department of the U.S. 2 v 8º.
58. Moultrie’s Memoirs of the American Revolution 2 v 8º
59. Le Spectateur Américain, par Mandrillon, 8º
60. Cary’s American State papers, (Gen. Washington’s letters) 2 v 8º.
61. Washington’s life by Marshall, 5 v 8º.
8. Washington’s life, with anecdotes, by Weems, 12º.
62. Ramsay’s life of Washington, 8º.
63. Jay and Littlepage’s letters p. 4º.
64. The American and British Chronicle from 1773 to 1783, 8º.
65. Tracts in Biography, viz. Franklin, Bowdoin, McPherson, Cullen, 8º.
78. Tracts in American history, viz. Jennings and Lawrence, Jay and Littlepage, Jones and [. . . continued on page 17]
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