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15. Histoire des deux Indes par l’abbé Raynal 11. v. 8º
16. Précis de l’histoire des deux Indes de Raynal, 8º.
1. Burke’s account of the European settlements in America, 2 v 12º.
17. Robertson’s history of America, 1 st and 3 d vols, 8º
18. " " " 9 th and 10 th books, 8º
19. Oldmixon’s British Empire in America, 2 v 8º.
21. Colden’s history of the five nations, 8º.
20. Douglas’ Summary of the British Settlements in America, 2 v 8º.

22. Washington’s journal, 1753, 8º.
72. Bouquet’s expedition, 4º.
23. Review of the Military operations in N. Am. 8º.
24. Mather’s tracts relating to New England, p 4º.
73. " Ecclesiastical history of New England, fol.
2. Morton’s New-England’s Memorial 12º.
25. Belknap’s history of New Hampshire, 3 v 8º.
26. Hutchinson’s history of Massachusetts-bay. 2 v 8º.
27. Collection of papers relating to the history of Massachusetts, 8º.
28. Winthrop’s journal, 1630-1644 8º.
29. William’s Natural and civil history of Vermont, 8º.
30. Ethan Allen’s vindication of Vermont against New York, 8º.
31. Smith’s history of New York. 8º.
32. Smith’s history of New Jersey. 8º
33. Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 8º.
34. Proud’s history of Pennsylvania, 2 v 8º.
74. Smith’s history of Virginia, p fol.
75. Keith’s History of Virginia, 4º.

3. Histoire de la Virginie, par Beverley, 12º.
35. An Account of Bacon’s rebellion in a letter from T. M. to Ld Oxford. 8º. M.S.
36. Stith’s history of Virginia, 8º.
37. Burke’s history of Virginia, 3 v 8º.
38. Hewitt’s history of S. C. 2 d vol. 8º.
4. Phelps’ Memoirs, 12º.
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