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J. 22
Lycurgi oratio. Gr. Lat. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 8, as above.
Oratio Lycvrgi contra Leocratem, Desertorem Patriæ, Dulcissimè de officiis Patriæ Debitis Disserens. Cum Præfatione Phil. Melant. Eadem oratio conuersa in latinum sermonem à Phil. Melanth. [Colophon] Francofvrti ex officina Petri Brubachij, Anno m.d.xlviii . Mense Septembri. [1548.]
PA4240 .L6 1548
Sm. 8vo. 84 leaves, Greek and Latin text, 2 titles within woodcut architectural borders, with the printer’s monogram at the foot, woodcut Janus device on the last page, woodcut initials and ornaments.
This edition not in Graesse, Ebert or Brunet.
Bound for Jefferson in calf; blue silk bookmark. The Latin text has signatures in lower case alphabet and the Greek text in upper; the leaves have been rearranged so that the two texts are now on alternate leaves; the leaves have been numbered by Jefferson on the rectos, in the corners of the upper margins (a number cut off in the binding). Not initialled by Jefferson. Manuscript notes in an early hand on the first title. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Lycurgus, d. 324 B.C., was a political ally of Demosthenes. He caused to be made an official copy of the works of the great tragedians. This was borrowed for the library at Alexandria by Ptolemy Philadelphus and never returned. Of his speeches, this is the only one extant. Leocrates fled after the battle of Chaeronea and on returning to Athens was prosecuted as a traitor.
Philip Melanchthon, 1497-1560, German theologian and reformed was the author of the translation into Latin, which was first published in 1545.
J. 23
Demosthenis orationes selectae. Mounteney 8 vo
1815 Catalogue, page 156, no. 27, as above.
Δημοσθενους Λογοι Εκλεκτοι. Demosthenis Selectæ Orationes. Ad Codices MSS. Recensuit, Textum, Scholiasten, & Versionem plurimis in locis castigavit, Notis insuper illustravit Ricardus Mounteney, Coll. Regal. apud Cantabrigienses haud ita pridem Socius. Præfiguntur Observationes in Commentarios vulgò Ulpianeos, et Tabula Antiquæ Græciæ Demostheni accommodata. Editio Tertia, emendatior. Etonæ: apud Joseph. & Thomas Pote, Bibliopolas. m.dcc.lv . [1755.]
PA3949 .A3 1755
8vo. 215 leaves, Greek text and notes, folded engraved map, printers’ advertisement on the verso of the half-title leaf.
Ebert 5947.
This edition not in Dibdin.
Old calf, a small portion of the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate preserved. Not initialled by Jefferson.
Demosthenes, c. 384-322 B.C. Attic orator and statesman. The first edition of his Orationes was printed in Venice by Aldus in 1504.
Richard Mounteney, 1707-1768, Irish judge and classical scholar. This is the third edition of his Demosthenes, which was first published in 1731. The work is dedicated to Sir Robert Walpole.
For a note on Joseph and Thomas Pote, the Eton printers, see no. 4365.
Volume V : page 22
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