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J. 26
Aschami epistolae. 16 s.
1815 Catalogue, page 153, no. 13, as above.
ASCHAM, Roger.
Rogeri Aschami Angli, regiæ olim Maiestati à Latinis epistolis, familiarivm epistolarvm libri III . . . Accesservnt hac postrema editione Ioannis Stvrmii, Hieronymi Osorii, aliorumque epistolæ ad R. Aschamum aliosque Nobiles Anglos missæ. Addita svnt pavca qvaedam Rogeri Aschami poëmata. Omnia in stvdiosorvm gratiam collecta operâ & studio E. G. & nunc primùm in Germania edita. Adiecta est in fine eivsdem E. G. Oratio, de vita & obitu Rogeri Aschami, & eius dictionis elegantiâ. Coloniæ Allobrogvm: apud Petrum Rouerianum, m. dcxi . [1611.]
Jefferson unclassified
12mo. 360 leaves including the last two blanks.
This edition not in the STC, and not in Lowndes.
Old calf, initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T. With the Library of Congress 1822 bookplate.
Roger Ascham, 1515-1568, English scholar and author, for a time tutor to the Princess Elizabeth. The first edition of his Familiarum Epistolarum was printed in England in 1576.
J. 27
Ignatius Sancho’s letters. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 154, no. 18, as above.
SANCHO, Ignatius.
Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, an African. In Two Volumes. To which is prefixed, Memoirs of His Life. The Third Edition. The First Volume. Dublin: Printed by Brett Smith, For Richard Moncrieffe, N o. 16, Capel-Street. mdcclxxxiv . [1784.]
CT2750 .S3 A3
2 vol. in 1, 12mo. 162 leaves, continuous signatures and pagination, caption title for Vol. II on G 9, page [147], engraved portrait frontispiece by J. Wright [after Gainsborough].
Sabin 76310.
This edition not in Lowndes.
Contemporary calf; not initialled by Jefferson; with the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Ignatius Sancho, 1729-1780, was born on a slaveship, and at the age of two was brought to England. In 1782 his letters were collected by Miss Crewe, one of his correspondents, who stated her motives in an Advertisement at the beginning, reprinted in this edition. The portrait frontispiece in the first edition was by Bartolozzi after Gainsborough.
Joseph Jekyll, d. 1837, was the author of the anonymous Life of Ignatius Sancho prefixed to the letters.
Les Lettres d’Abeillard et d’Heloise par Dom Gervaise. Lat. Fr. 2. v. 12 mo.

La vie d’Abeillard et d’Heloise. par Dom Gervaise. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 154, no. 14 and 15, as above.
Les Veritables Lettres d’Abeillard et d’Heloise, tirés d’un Ancien Manuscrit Latin . . . Traduit par l’Auteur de Leur Vie, avec des Notes Historiques & Critiques très-curieuses . . . Paris: 1723.
2 vol. 12mo.
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