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Chapter XXXIX


J. 1
Luciani opera. Gr. Lat. Cognati et Sambuci annotationibus. Basil. 4. v. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 153, no. 1, as above, but reading 3 v 12mo.
Λουκιανου απαντα. Lvciani Samosatensis Opera, quæ quidem extant, omnia, Græcè & Latinè, in quatuor Tomos diuisa: vnà cvm Gilberti Cognati, et Ioannis Sambvci annotationibus vtilissimis: narratione item de vite & scriptis authoris Iacobi Zvingeri: adiectis suo loco tractatuum elenchis, & rerum ac verborum indicibus. Editio nitidissima. Cum Cæsareæ Maj. gratia & priuilegio. Basileæ: per Sebastianvm Henricpetri. n.d. [ 1563.]
PA4230 .A2 1563
8vo. 3 vol. only, should be 4. Vol. I lacks 8 leaves, sig. m, replaced by an additional copy of sig. d. The præfatio and the epist. dedicatoria dated 1563.
Ebert 12381.
Graesse IV, 278.
Rebound in half red morocco by the Library of Congress. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. i and I, t and T and their multiples whenever when occur. [ sic -- Ed. ] On page 11, vol. II, the name E. Randolph stamped in red. Manuscript marginal notes in Greek and English occur (including one calling attention to the missing signature) some of which may be by Jefferson. The Library of Congress 1815 bookplate is not present in any volume.
Jefferson had this imperfect set of three volumes in his library before October 10, 1792, on which date he wrote from Philadelphia to Froullé in Paris giving an order for books to be sent, including: “ Lucian. Gr. Lat. Basileae. Sebastien Henri Petri. 4 vol( ~s ) small 8 vo. I want the 4 th. only to complete my set: but if it cannot be had separately, send the whole .”
Lucianus, c. A.D. 120-180, Greek satirist of Samosata. The first edition of his works (of which his True History suggested the Gulliver’s Travels of Swift, the Voyage of Pantagruel of Rabelais, and the Journey to the Moon of Cyrano de Bergerac) was printed in Florence in 1496. In this edition of 1563 the editors made use of the translations of Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, Jacob Molsheym and Vincent Opsopaeus.
J. 2
Luciani opera. Gr. Lat. Gesneri. scholiis et notis. 3. v. 4 to. Amstel. 1743.
1815 Catalogue, page 153, no. 27, as above.
Λουκιανου Σαμοσατεως Απαντα. Luciani Samosatensis Opera. Cum nova versione Tiber. Hemsterhusii, & Io. Matthiae Gesneri, Graecis Scholiis, ac notis omnium proximae editionis Commentatorum, additis Io. Brodaei, Io. Iensii, Lud. Kusteri, Lamb. Bosii, Hor. Vitringae, Ioan. de la Faye, Ed. Leedes, aliisque ineditis,
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