Volume I : page 26
in the same hand on the plate of medallion portraits in vol. II, Tomo 2. pag. 620. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplates.
This volume was in Jefferson’s possession before January 9, 1813, on which date he wrote to Dufief for an edition in smaller format: “ I possess also the 4 to. Delphin edition but I dislike such cumbersome volumes . . .
This is the only example of an original Delphin edition in Jefferson’s chapter on ancient history, though there are a number of the London reprints in 8vo. The Delphin classics were originally published in Paris, 1674-1730, 64 volumes quarto, begun under the editorship of Bossuet and Huet, tutors to the Dauphin, son of Louis XIV.
A sixth volume of this edition was published in 1682. It was never a part of this copy, on the flyleaf of volume I is written: Livii historia 5 volumes 5 Guineas.
Titus Livius, 59 B.C.-A.D. 17, Roman historian.
Livio del Nardi. 3. v. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 6. no. 124, as above.
LIVIUS, Titus.
Le Deche di T. Livio Padovano delle Historie Romane, Tradotte nella lingua Toscana, da M. Iacopo Nardi, cittadino Fiorentino, & nuouam(~e)te dal medesimo gia la terza volta riuedute, & emendate . . . Con la Tauola de Re, Consoli, Tribuni militari con la podesta Consolare, & Dittatori, che per it tempi correnti sono stati creati nella città di Roma . . . In Venetia: nella stamperia de Givnti, M D LXII. [1562.]
PA6456 .N3
Folio. 1 volume bound in 3. 523 leaves (165, 179 and 179) the last leaf, probably a blank, cut away; woodcut device on the title, woodcut initials, register, printer’s device and colophon at the end; a few leaves unopened; some leaves damp-stained.
Graesse IV, page 235.
Bound for Jefferson in calf, gilt backs, marbled endpapers. Initialled by him at sig. I and T in each volume; some passages scored under in red crayon and some in pencil. On the title-page is an autograph signature which appears to be by Jefferson, signing his name in an Italian form. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Jacopo Nardi, Florentine historian, was born in 1476. The first edition of his translation of Livy appeared in 1540.
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 6. no. 20, Livius, supplementis Freinshemii et notis Joan. Clerici, Watsteni, 10 v 12mo.
LIVIUS, Titus.
Titi Livii Historiarum quod exstat, cum integris Joannis Freinshemii Supplementis . . . recensuit et notulis auxit Joannes Clericus. Amstelaedami: apud Henricum Wetstenium; Traiecti ad Rhenum: apud Gulielmum van de Water, cIɔIɔ cc x. [1710.]
PA6452 .A2 1710
10 vol. sm. 8vo. vol. I, 244 leaves; vol. II, 246 leaves; vol. III, 235 leaves; vol. IV, 224 leaves; vol. V, 232 leaves; vol. VI, 248 leaves; vol. VII, 254 leaves; vol. VIII, 248 leaves; vol. IX, 252 leaves; vol. X, 182 leaves; XIV folded and numbered engraved maps; engraved frontispiece-title in each volume, some signed by J. Goeree; the printed title, which is in red and black, occurs in vol. I only.
Graesse IV, page 229.
Ebert 12108.
Sprinkled French calf, gilt backs. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T throughout. On the end flyleaf of the last volume is written in ink in another hand: Th: s Jefferson late President of the United States . This set was formerly in the library of William Byrd of Westover, in Virginia, and has his armorial bookplate preserved in volumes II, III and X. The Library of Congress 1815 bookplate is in all the volumes except vol. I from which it has been partially removed, and vol. VIII, both of which have modern
Volume I : page 26
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