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Chapter I
Antient History

It is true that I am tired of practical politics, and happier while reading the history of antient, than of modern times. I . . . take refuge in the histories of other times, where if they also furnished their Tarquins, their Catilines & Caligulas, their stories are handed to us under the brand of a Livy, a Sallut and a Tacitus, and we are comforted with the reflection that the condemnation of all succeeding generations has confirmed the censures of the historian, and consigned their memories to everlasting infamy...
letter from Thomas Jefferson to col. duane, april 4, 1813.
Berosus, Manetho. Xenophontis equivoca, Fabius Pictor. Myrsilus Cato de originibus Antonini itinerarium, Sempronii Italia, Metasthenes, Philo de Temporibus, Annii Viterbensis chronographia, Aretii Sicilia & Hispania , 12 mo. Antwerp 1545.
1815 Catalogue, page 4. no. 1, as above.
[ ANNIUS, Johannes.]
Berosi sacerdotis Chaldaici, Antiqvitatvm Libri Qvinqve, Cum commentariis Ioannis Annii Viterbensis . . . Antverpiæ: [Typis Ioan. Graphei] In ædibus Ioannis Steelsii, m. d. xlv. [1545.]
D52 .N2
Sm. 8vo. 308 leaves, printer’s woodcut device on the title-page, woodcut initials, printer’s imprint at the end.
Brunet I, 300.
Tiraboschi VI, 875.
Ginguiné III, 405.
Rebound in half red morocco, lettered on the back in gilt: Berosvs. / Antiqvitates / cum / Commentariis / Annii. /; margins cut close. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T. An early autograph signature, Rich. Monnox 1694, is on a fly-leaf at the beginning; a manuscript inscription at the end and a few marginal notes are in an early hand.
Johannes Annius (Viterbensis) [Giovanni Nanni], 1432-1502, Italian scholar and author. This book, originally printed in Rome in 1498, was published as a collection of fragments by the authors named, but was soon proved to be the fabrication of Annius.
Jefferson’s title as above follows the list of contents on the verso of the first leaf.
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 4. no. 2, Dynasties de Manethon, par le Comte Jean Potocki, 12mo.
POTOCKI, Jan, Count.
Dynasties du Second Livre de Manethon par le Comte Jean Potocki. A Florence: Chez Guillaume Piatti, mdccciii. [1803.]
DT83 .A2 M42
First Edition. 12mo. 64 leaves. One of 100 copies printed.
Quérard VII, 296.
Estreicher XIV, 505.
Ibrahim-Hilmy II, 133.
Bound for Jefferson in tree calf, gilt ornaments on the back, marbled endpapers, by John March (in August 1805, cost 75 cents). Not initialled by Jefferson. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Count Jan Potocki, 1761-1815, Polish antiquarian, orientalist and historian, had correspondence with Jefferson, see no. 4 below.
This book is dedicated to Cardinal Borgia.
Volume I : page 1
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