Volume II : page 357
Chapter XX

. . . To cultivate peace, & maintain commerce & navigation in all their lawful enterprises; to foster our fisheries as nurseries of navigation & for the nurture of man, and protect the manufactures adapted to our circumstances . . . are the landmarks by which we are to guide ourselves in all our proceedings . . .
Thomas Jefferson , second annual message, december 15, 1802.
. . . commerce with all nations, alliance with none should be our motto . . .
letter from Thomas Jefferson to thomas lomax, march 12, 1799.
J. 1
Malyne’s Lex Mercatoria. 2. v. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 83. no. 8, as above.
MALYNES, Gerard de.
Consuetudo, vel, Lex Mercatoria: or, the Ancient Law-Merchant. In three parts, according to the essentials of traffick. Necessary for statesmen, judges, magistrates, temporal and civil lawyers, mint-men, merchants, mariners, and all others negotiating in any parts of the world. By Gerard Malynes, Merchant. Whereunto are annexed the following tracts, viz. I. The Collection of Sea Laws. II. Advice concerning Bills of Exchange. By John Marius, Publick Notary. III. The Merchants Mirrour: or, directions for the perfect ordering or keeping of his accompts. By way of Debtor and Creditor, after the Italian Manner. By R. Dafforne, late Accomptant. IV. An Introduction to Merchants Accompts. By John Collins, late Fellow of the Royal Society. V. The Accountants closet, being an abridgment of Merchants Accounts, kept by debtor and creditor. By Abraham Liset. The third edition, wherein are inserted the three tracts following, never before printed in any former impression. I. The Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England Asserted. By Richard Zouch, Doctor of the Civil Laws, and late judge of the admiralty. II. The Ancient Sea Laws of Oleron, Wisby, and the Hanse-Towns, still in force. Rendered into English for the use of navigators. By G. Miege, Gent. III. The Sovereignty of the British Seas, proved by records, history, and the municipal laws of this Kingdom. By Sir John Buroughs, late Keeper of the Records in the Tower of London. London: Printed for T. Basset, R. Chiswell, M. Horne and E. Smith, 1686.
Law 291
2 vol. Folio. Each tract with a separate title-page and varying signatures and pagination. The tracts in this copy are not bound in the order in which they are given on the general title.
STC M365.
Marvin, page 494.
Sweet & Maxwell I, 336, 20.
Not in Bridgman.
Clarke, page 329, no. 49.
Old calf, repaired and with the Library of Congress 1815
Volume II : page 357
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