Volume I : page 535
L’Art des experiences. par l’Abbé Nollet.
1815 Catalogue, page 52. no. 19, as above, 12mo. 3 v.
NOLLET, Jean Antoine, abbé.
L’Art des Expériences, ou Avis aux Amateurs de la Physique, sur le Choix, la Construction et l’Usage des Instrumens; sur la Préparation et l’Emploi des Drogues qui servent aux Expériences. Par M. l’Abbé Nollet . . . Tome Premier [-Troisieme]. A Paris: chez Durand, Neveu, 1784.
3 vol. 12mo. vol. I, 266 leaves, 13 folded engraved plates; vol. II, 278 leaves, 23 folded engraved plates; vol. III, 266 leaves, 20 folded engraved plates; all alphabets in alternate eights and fours.
Quérard VI, 444.
Poggendorff II, col. 296.
Jean Antoine Nollet, 1700-1770, French abbé, physicist and electrician, professor of experimental physics in the College of Navarre, was a member of the London Royal Society and of the Academy of Sciences at Paris. This work was originally published in 1770. The edition of 1784 consists of the third edition of the first, and the second edition of the other two volumes. In Jefferson’s manuscript catalogue it is placed with the books on Turning. In the 1815 and later catalogues it is reclassified under Experiments.
Manner of making tar in Sweden.
1815 Catalogue, page 53. no. 101, Tar, Manner of making Tar in Sweden, pam. 4to.
Description de la Maniere dont on fait le Goudron en Suede. A Description of the Manner of making Tar in Sweden. Without name of place or printer, n.d.
Sm. 4to. 16 leaves, plates. French and English text on opposite pages.
l’art de conduire les Pendules par Berthoud. 16 s.
1815 Catalogue, page 54. no. 18, as above.
BERTHOUD, Ferdinand.
L’Art de Conduire et de Régler les Pendules et les Montres: A l’usage de ceux qui n’ont aucune connoissance d’Horlogerie. Par M. Ferdinand Berthoud, Horloger. A Paris: [De l’Imprimerie de H. L. Guerin, & L. F. Delatour] chez l’Auteur, et Michel Lambert, 1759.
TS545 .B54
First Edition. 12mo. 48 leaves, 4 numbered engraved plates by P. P. Choffard; printers’ imprint on verso of last leaf.
Quérard I, 306.
Robertson, The Evolution of Clockwork, page 294.
Salomons, Choffard, page 48.
Ferdinand Berthoud, 1727-1807, Swiss mechanic, marine instrument maker, clock maker etc.
White’s collateral bee boxes. 8 vo.
White on bees was one of the books missing from his library about which Jefferson wrote to Milligan on March 28, 1815, with a request that he replace them if possible.
The name White is listed in the Index of the 1815 catalogue, with reference to chapter 15, but the title is not in the body of the work, and is not in the later catalogues.
Volume I : page 535
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