Volume I : page 536
Rei accipit rariae scriptores et de cura canum. Gr. Lat. Catalan. 4 to. Lutetiae. 1612.
1815 Catalogue, page 52. no. 66, Rei Accipitrariæ Scriptores, et de cura Canum, Demetrius, Symmachus, Theodotion, Thuanus et Fracastorius, Gr. Lat. Catalan, p 4to Lutetial, 1612.
Rei accipit rariæ scriptores nunc primum editi. Accessit ’Κυνοσοφιον. Liber de cura canum ex Biblioth. Regia Mediceæ. [ Græce et latine Nic. Rigaltius edidit.] Lutetiæ: ex officina Nivelliana, sumptibus Sebastiani Cramoisy, [ or Typis regis excudebat C. Morellus] 1612.
First Edition. 4to. 3 parts in 1; the third part contains the poem by De Thou: De re accipitraria. No copy was seen for collation.
Brunet IV, 238.
Schwerdt II, 136.
Thiébaud 499.
Nicholas Rigault, 1577-1654, French scholar and historian.
Spinng. Weavg.
Treatise of husbandry, spinning, weaving &c. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 53. no. 78, as above.
BRADLEY, Richard.
A treatise concerning the manner of fallowing of ground, raising of grass seeds & training of lint & hemp for the increase & improvement of the linen manufactures in Scotland, published . . . by the . . . Society for improving in the knowledge of agriculture. Edinburgh: Fleming, 1724.
First Edition. 8vo. 87 leaves; no copy was seen for collation.
Loudon 1207.
McDonald, page 208.
For other works by Bradley, see chapter 7, Agriculture.
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 53. no. 20, Truths on Manufactures, 12mo.

1831 Catalogue, page 101. no. J. 3: Truths on Manufactures, 16s; London, 1807.
Truths on Manufactures. London, 1807.
12mo. No copy was located for collation.
Elemens de l’art de teinture. par Bertholet. 2. v. 8 vo. Paris. Didot.
1815 Catalogue, page 52. no. 79, as above, omitting Paris. Didot.
BERTHOLLET, Claude Louis, comte.
Eléments de l’Art de la Teinture. Par M. Berthollet, docteur en médecine des facultés de Paris & de Turin, des académies des sciences de Paris, Londres, Turin, Harlem & Manchester. Tome Premier [-Second]. A Paris: chez Firmin Didot, 1791.
Volume I : page 536
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