Volume I : page 456
Chapter XII

Natural history . . . is my passion . . .
letter from Thomas Jefferson to harry innes, march 7, 1791.
Harry Innes, 1752-1816, Federal District Judge for Kentucky. For letters between Innes and Jefferson see no. 3225.
Dictionnaire d’histoire naturelle de Bomare. 9. vols. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 45. no. 8a, as above.
VALMONT de BOLMARE, Jacques Christophe.
Dictionnaire raisonné Universel d’Histoire Naturelle. Par M. Valmont de Bomare . . .
9 vol. 12mo.
It cannot be ascertained which edition of this work was in Jefferson’s library. His manuscript and the Library of Congress 1815 catalogue call for an edition in 9 volumes 12mo. It is possible the book was not delivered to Congress; it is not checked as having been received in the working copy of the 1815 catalogue, is entered on the manuscript list of missing books made at a later date, and the entry is dropped from the subsequent editions of the catalogue.
Jacques Christophe Valmont de Bomare, 1731-1807, French naturalist.
Uncertainty of the signs of death. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 46. no. 9, as above.
[WINSLOW, Jakob Benignus-- BRUHIER d’ABLAINCOURT, Jean Jacques.]
The Uncertainty of the Signs of Death, and the Danger of Precipitate Interments and Dissections, Demonstrated . . . To the Whole is added, A curious and entertaining Account of the Funeral Solemnities of many Ancient and Modern Nations, exhibiting the Precautions they made use of to ascertain the Certainty of Death. Illustrated with Copper Plates. London: Printed for M. Cooper, 1746.
RA1063 .W78
First Edition in English. 12mo. 114 leaves, full-page plates by J. Hulett.
This edition not in the Surgeon General’s Library Catalogue.
Osler 2161 [under Bruhier d’Ablaincourt].
Halkett and Laing VI, 141 [by Jean Jacques Bruhier d’Ablaincourt].
Rebound in red buckram by the Library of Congress with a modern bookplate. Initialled at sig. I by Jefferson who has written in ink on the title-page: By Doctor Bruhier of Paris a Physician of great emin[ -ence] (the last syllable removed by the binder).
Entered without price on Jefferson’s undated manuscript catalogue.
For a note on Winslow, who himself had a miraculous escape from premature burial, see no. 998.
This work was written originally in Latin, and published in Paris in 1740. It was translated into French with additions by Jean Jacques Bruhier d’Ablaincourt, d. 1756, a French doctor who was one of the earliest to draw attention to the danger of precipitate burial. The author of the English version remains anonymous.
Volume I : page 456
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