Volume I : page 450
Chapter XI

In my view, no knolege can be more satisfactory to a man than that of his own frame, it’s parts, their functions & actions.
letter from Thomas Jefferson to thomas cooper, october 7, 1814.
L’Anatomie de Noguez. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 43. no. 2, as above.
NOGUEZ, Pierre.
L’Anatomie du corps de l’homme en abregé: ou description courte de toutes ses Parties . . . Par M. Noguez, Médicin du Roy, & Démonstrateur d’Histoire naturelle au Jardin Royal des Plantes Médicinales. Seconde Edition, revûë corrigée, augmentée & enrichie d’un grand nombre de Planches. A Paris: chez Guillaume Cavelier, fils, 1726.
QM21 .N77
12mo. 276 leaves: ã, A-T 12, V 8, X-Y 12, Z 4; 20 folded and numbered plates; between Z ij and iij are inserted 2 leaves, cancels of ã ij and R ij (the Dedication leaf and pages 387, 8,) the former with signature *a ij, the latter paged *387, 388*, both with variations in the text and the former with the headpiece printed upside down; ã 8 verso to ã 10 recto are unpaged and contain a Catalogue des meilleurs auteurs qui ont ecrit en Anatomie; on Z i begins the publisher’s list of Livres Nouveaux, 1726.
Quérard VI, page 441.
Contemporary French calf, red edges. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T. On the fly-leaf is written in ink, in another hand: 12. 0; some leaves foxed and water stained. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Pierre Noguez, b. c. 1785, [ i.e. “1685”-- Ed.] French physician, practised in St. Domingue and later in Paris. The first edition of this book, founded on James Keill’s The Anatomy of the Human Body abridged , was published in 1723. Noguez translated the Geographie Physique of John Woodward (no. 639).
Cheselden’s Anatomy. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 43. no. 4, as above.
The Anatomy of the Human Body. By W. Cheselden, Surgeon to his Majesty’s Royal Hospital at Chelsea. Fellow of the Royal Society and Member of the Royal Academy of Surgeons at Paris. The VIII th. Edition with Forty Copper plates engrav’d by Ger: Vandergucht. London: Printed for H. Woodfall, R. & J. Dodsley [and others], 1763.
QM21 .C5
8vo. 179 leaves, engraved frontispiece and forty engraved numbered plates.
Original calf. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T. On page 11 is a marginal note by Jefferson with a long quotation from Herodotus in Greek, and MS. corrections occur on several pages. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
William Cheselden, 1688-1752, English surgeon and anatomist. The first edition of his Anatomy was published in 1713. The work is dedicated to Dr. Richard Mead with whom he was immortalized by Pope in the well known couplet in the Imitations of Horace.
Volume I : page 450
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