Volume I : page 376
First Edition of this translation. 2 parts in 1, 12mo. I, 134 leaves; folded plate by Sellier; II, 109 leaves; separate pagination.
Poggendorff II, col. 775.
Ferguson II, 331.
Bound for Jefferson in French calf, marbled end papers, r.e. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I in part I. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Entered on Jefferson’s undated catalogue, with the price, 4-16.
Karl Wilhelm Scheele, 1742-1786, Swedish chemist; the original edition of this book was published in Upsala in 1777.
Torbern Olof Bergmann, 1735-1784, Swedish naturalist and chemist, was a member of the American Philosophical Society.
Philippe Frédéric, Baron de Dietrich, 1748-1793 (beheaded on December 28 of that year), French mineralogist.
Johann Gottfried Leonhardi, 1746-1823, German chemist.
Memoires de Chimie de Scheele. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 35. no. 3, as above, with the reading Chymie.
SCHEELE, Karl Wilhelm.
Mémoires de chymie de M. C. W. Schéele, tirés des Mémoires de l’Académie Royale des Sciences de Stockholm, traduits du Suédois et de l’ Allemand. Première [Seconde] Partie. A Dijon: chez l’éditeur, et se trouve a Paris, chez Théophile Barrois jeune, Cuchet. M.DCC.LXXXV. [1785.]
QD27 .S3
2 parts in 1. 12mo. Part I, 141 leaves; part II, 128 leaves; 1 folded plate.
Quérard VIII, 512.
Poggendorff II, col. 777.
Bound for Jefferson in French calf, marbled end papers. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I in the first part; some leaves partly unopened. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Entered on Jefferson’s undated manuscript catalogue, with the price, 6 (livres).
The translation of these Mémoires, with the exception of nos. 2, 11, 12 and 13 was made by Madame Guyton de Morveau (see no. 851).
Ingenhousz. Experiences physiques. 8 vo. 2. v.
1815 Catalogue, page 35. no. 15, as above.
Nouvelles Expériences et Observations sur divers objets de physique, par Jean Ingen-Housz . . . [-Tome Second]. A Paris: [de l’Imprimerie de Stoupe] chez P. Théophile Barrois le jeune. M.DCC.LXXXV-IX. [1785-9]
Q113 .I5
First Edition. 2 vol. 8vo. Vol. I, 269 leaves, 4 folded engraved plates, Fautes a corriger on the verso of c 3; vol. II, 299 leaves, 2 folded plates, the first tinted green, woodcut illustration of a Foyer de Staffordshire on page 49; woodcut headpieces.
Quérard IV, 181.
Poggendorff I, col. 1470.
Not in Sabin.
Not in Ford.
Bound for Jefferson in French marbled calf, gilt backs, m.e. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T in both volumes. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Jefferson bought the first volume of this work--all at that time published--from Froullé on June 27, 1787, cost 4/10. The original entry on the undated manuscript catalogue calls for one volume at that price; the price crossed out in ink, and 2 vols. added.
This book is important as Frankliniana. Volume I is dedicated to Franklin, and contains much Franklin material, including the Précis du Système de M. Franklin sur l’Electricité.
Volume II is dedicated to Monsieur Dimsdale, Baron de l’Empire de Russie . . . Chapter XVII is a translation into French, with notes by Ingenhousz, of Franklin’s letter to Ingenhousz on chimneys, first published as the first article in the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society , vol. II, 1786, written at sea August 28, 1785, and read to the Philosophical Society 21st October 1785. The woodcut illustration of the Foyer de Staffordshire is in this chapter.
For a note on Ingenhousz see no. 666.
Volume I : page 376
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