Volume I : page 373
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 33. no. 47 b, Pamphlets in Agriculture, 8vo, to wit, Strickland, Moore, Boardley, Logan, Tessier, Sinclair.

1831 Catalogue, page 78. no. J. 34, Titles listed as follows:
i. STRICKLAND, William.
Observations on the Agriculture of the United States of America. By W. Strickland, Esq. London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., 1801.
S441 .S91
First Edition. 8vo. 40 leaves, including printed tables, the last a blank.
Sabin 92811.
Not in Loudon and not in McDonald.
William Strickland, of Yorkshire, England, agriculturalist, visited Jefferson in Monticello, and is mentioned frequently in Jefferson’s correspondence. This work was written in answer to queries proposed to him by the Board of Agriculture before his visit to the United States. It was answered in part by John Taylor in Arator , see no. 814.
ii. MOORE, Thomas.
The Great Error of American Agriculture exposed: and Hints for Improvement suggested. By Thomas Moore. Copy-Right secured according to Law. Baltimore: Printed by Bonsal and Niles, for the Author, 1801.
S497 .M82
First Edition. Sm. 8vo. 36 leaves.
Sabin 50444.
Thomas Moore, 1760-1822, lived at Retreat, Montgomery County, Maryland, from where the address to the Reader is dated, 8th Month, 1801. He was acquainted with Jefferson, and corresponded with him from time to time, on scientific and other matters.
iii. [BORDLEY, John Beale.]
Hemp. [ Philadelphia: Printed by Charles Cist, 1799.]
AC901 .W7 vol. 34.
First Edition. 8vo. 4 leaves: issued without a title-page; signed B at the end and dated January, 1799.
Evans 35217.
iv. LOGAN, George.
A Letter to the Citizens of Pennsylvania, on the necessity of Promoting Agriculture, Manufactures, and the useful Arts. By George Logan, M.D. Second Edition. Philadelphia: Printed by Patterson & Cochran, May 1, 1800.
HC107 .P4 L8
8vo. 16 leaves: [ ] 4, B-D 4, the last a blank; on B 4 begins: The Constitution of the Lancaster County Society for promoting of Agriculture, Manufactures and the useful Arts.
Sabin 41790.
The above description is taken from the copy in the Library of Congress, which is of the second edition. It is probable that Jefferson’s copy was of the first edition, printed in Philadelphia and in Lancaster earlier in the same year.
For a note on Logan see no. 717.
Bradly’s Farmer’s guide. 8 vo.
Coltivazione delle vite del Bridet e del Bussato }
Manuale de Giardiniari del Mandirola. } 8 vo.
Young’s Course of Experimental Agriculture.
Volume I : page 373
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