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This book was on the list of agricultural books recommended by Jefferson to W. C. Nicholas for purchase for the Library of Congress on December 16, 1809.
Bernard M c.Mahon , c. 1775-1816, was born in Ireland, and came to America in 1796, and settled in Philadelphia, where he established a seedhouse and botanical garden, one of his constant customers being Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was in active correspondence with M c.Mahon on horticultural matters, and it was to his firm that he consigned the seeds brought back by the Lewis and Clark expedition. Jefferson’s correspondence shows that this book was in frequent use at Monticello.
Le parfait Jardinier. par Mallet. 4 to.
1815 Catalogue, page 32. no. 71, as above.
Le Parfait Jardinier. Paris, 1795.
4to. No copy of any book of this title has been traced in any bibliography or catalogue. [ One copy located at University of Delaware ( cf. OCLC #32884176)- Ed.]
Jefferson bought a copy of this book from Reibelt on June 21, 1805, selected by him, with others, from a number sent on approval; price $ 1.30; billed for that sum on June 25.
It was bound by March on September 30, in the same year in calf, gilt, cost $1.75.
The author may have been Robert Xavier Mallet, French agriculturalist, who published several books on agriculture and botany between 1775 and 1795.
Traité sur les abeilles par della Rocca. 3. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 33. no. 62, as above.
ROCCA, Della, abbé.
Traité complet sur les abeilles, avec une méthode nouvelle de les gouverner telle qu’elle se pratique à Syra, île de l’Archipel, précédé d’un précis historique et économique de cette île, par l’abbé della Rocca . . . Paris: Bleuet père, 1790.
First Edition. 3 vol. 4to. No copy was seen for collation.
Quérard VIII, page 88.
Loudon 1221.
Alphandéry, Traité complet d’Apiculture, page 551.
Huzard 3659.
Jefferson bought his copy from Reibelt in June 1805, price $ 3.20, and immediately sent the three volumes to March for binding, which were included in his bill of September 30, $3.00 in all, $1.00 each volume.
De la Brosse de la culture du figuier. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 31. no. 18, Dela Brosse de la culture du Figuier, 12mo.
Traité de la Culture du Figuier, suivi d’observations & d’expériences sur la meilleure maniere de cultiver, sur les causes de son dépérissement, & sur les moyens d’y remédier, avec Figures. Par M. de La Brousse, D.M.M. de la Société Royale des Sciences de Montpellier & Maire d’Aramond . . . A Amsterdam: et se trouve à Paris, chez Valade, & à Toulouse, chez Dupleix & Laporte, 1774.
12mo. 43 leaves, folded engraved plate.
Quérard IV, page 381.
Bradley III, 369.
Entered without price on Jefferson’s undated manuscript catalogue.
de La Brousse, fl. 1774, French physician and agriculturalist.
Volume I : page 370
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