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Chapter III
Modern History


As we have employed some of the best materials of the British constitution in the construction of our own government, a knolege of British history becomes useful to the American politician.
letter from Thomas Jefferson to john norvell, june 11, 1807.
Our laws, language, religion, politics, & manners are so deeply laid in English foundations, that we shall never cease to consider their history as a part of ours, and to study ours in that as it’s origin.
letter from Thomas Jefferson to william duane, august 12, 1810.
Domesday book. 2. v. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 18. B., as above.
Domesday-Book, seu liber censualis Willelmi Primi regis Angliæ, inter Archivos Regni in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii asservatus: jubente rege augustissimo Georgio Tertio prælo mandatus typis. Vol. I [-II]. [ London: Joseph Jackson] 1783.
DA190 .D4
First Edition. 2 vol. Folio. 384 and 240 leaves.
Lowndes II, page 659.
Nichols, Anecdotes of William Bowyer, page 318.
Johnson, Typographia, 248.
The Domesday Book, the record of the survey of England made for William the Conqueror, was finished in 1086. This is the first printed edition of the whole of Domesday, and took ten years to print. A volume of Indexes was added in 1811, and a supplementary volume in 1816.
The date of Jefferson’s copy is omitted from all the Library of Congress catalogues; this however is the only possible edition.
Cambden’s Britannia. Lat. 4 to. 2. copies.
1815 Catalogue, page 18. no. 22, Cambden’s Britannia, Lat. p 4to.
CAMDEN, William.
Britannia sive Florentissimorvm Regnorvm, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ, et Insularum adiacentium ex intima antiquitate Chorographica descriptio. Authore Gvilielmo Camdeno. Nunc postremo recognita, & magna accessione post Germanicam editionem adaucta. Londini: [ Eliot’s Court Press] impensis Georg. Bishop, 1600.
Fifth Edition. 4to. in eights. 452 leaves; engraved title with the Map of England by William Rogers. This edition has a postscript, separately paged, in answer to Ralph Brooke’s Discovery of certain errors . . .
STC 4507.
Lowndes I, page 357.
Hazlitt II, page 78.
Johnson, A Catalogue of Engraved . . . English Title-Pages, page 52, no. 4.
Jefferson’s manuscript catalogue calls for 2 copies; only one was sold to Congress in 1815.
William Camden, 1551-1623, English antiquary and historian. The first edition of Britannia was published in 1586, and Ralph Brooke’s attack on Camden, answered in this edition of 1600, was founded on the fourth edition, 1594.
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