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Chapter XXVIII

Gadbury’s doctrine of nativities. p. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 115, no. 35, as above.
Γενεθλια Λογια. Or, The Doctrine of Nativities, containing the whole Art of Directions, and Annual Revolutions: whereby, any Man (even of an ordinary capacity) may be enabled to discover the most Remarkable and Occult Accidents of his Life, as they shall occur unto him in the whole course thereof, either for Good or Evil. Also, Tables for Calculating the Planets Places for any Time, either Past, Present, or To come. Together with the Doctrine of Horarie Questions; which (in the absence of a Nativity) is sufficient to inform any one of all Manner of Contingencies Necessary to be known. By John Gadbury . . . London: printed by Ja: Cottrel, for Giles Calvert; William Larnar, and Daniel White, 1658.
QB26 .G13
First Edition. Folio. 2 parts in 1, 302 leaves, continuous signatures, separate pagination, the title for the second part on Nn 3, the general title printed in red and black, engraved portrait frontispiece by T. Cross, engraved and woodcut diagrams in the text, numerous tables.
STC G84.
Lowndes II, 853.
Not in Lalande.
John Gadbury, 1627-1704, English astrologer.
Uranographie de Vaugondy, 4 to. avec deux cartes celestes.
1815 Catalogue, page 116, no. 30, as above, pamphlet.
Uranographie, ou Description du Ciel en deux Hémisphères calculés et construits pour l’année 1763, par M. Robert de Vaugondy . . . Paris: L’auteur, 1764.
First Edition. 4to, 29 leaves. No copy was seen for collation; the above title is from the Catalogue of the Bibliothèque Nationale.
Quérard VIII, 77.
Lalande, page 486.
Didier Robert de Vaugondy, 1723-1786, French astronomer, member of the Académie de Nanci, held several important positions including that of Géographe Ordinaire to the King of France.
id. [Fontenelle’s plurality of worlds. ] 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 115, no. 2, La Pluralite des Mondes, par Fontenelle, 12mo.
FONTENELLE, Bernard Le Bovier de.
Entretiens sur la Pluralité des Mondes, par M. de Fontenelle . . . Nouvelle Edition augmentée d’un Septième Entretien et de Diverses Pièces de M. de Fontenelle. Amsterdam: E. Roger, 1719.
Volume IV : page 65
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