Volume IV : page 548
selegit, recensuit, indiceque adjecto scholis aptavit Samuel Patrick. Londini: Sumptibus J. & B. Sprint, W. Taylor, W. Innys, J. Osborn, S. Ballard, J. Batley, A. Ward, & S. Palmer. m. dcc. xxiv . [1724.]
PA6568 .A4 1724
8vo. 190 leaves, text in roman letter surrounded by the Interpretationes in italic, Annotationes in double columns.
Graesse V, 330.
Ebert 17223a.
A copy was ordered by Jefferson, number 9279 in Lackington’s last catalogue, in a letter dated from Paris September 9, 1789. It is entered by Jefferson in his undated manuscript catalogue, without price.
Samuel Patrick, 1684-1748, English scholar, was for a time an usher at the Charterhouse. He edited a large number of Greek and Latin classics.
For a note on the Delphin editions, see no. 52.
Aristophanes Kusteri. Gr. Lat. cum scholiis fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 151, no. 28, as above.
Aristophanis Comoediæ Undecim, Græce et Latine, ex Codd. Mss. Emendatæ: cum Scholiis Antiquis, inter quæ Scholia in Lysistratam ex Cod. Vossiano nunc primum in lucem prodeunt. Accedunt notæ Virorum Doctorum in Omnes Comoedias: Inter Quas Nunc Primum Eduntur Isaaci Casauboni in Equites; illustriss. Ezech. Spanhemii in tres priores; et Richardi Bentleji in duas priores comoedias observationes. Omnia collegit et recensuit, notasque in novem comoedias, et quatuor indices in fine adjecit Ludolphus Kusterus J. U. D. Excusum Amstelodami sumptibus Thomæ Fritsch, Bibliop. Lipsiensis, a. mdccx . [1710.]
Folio. 502 leaves, Greek and Latin text in parallel columns, with Scholia in double columns below.
Graesse I, 207.
Ebert 1092.
Dibdin I, 300.
Aristophanes, c. 448-385 B.C., Greek comic dramatist.
Ludolf Küster, 1670-1716, Westphalian classical scholar. This is a “comprehensive folio edition of Aristophanes, including the whole of the Greek Scholia, with a metrical version in a column parallel to the text, and a collection of all the modern comments at the end of the volume, including many original notes contributed by Bentley,” whom Küster had met at Cambridge.
Aristophanes. Gr. Lat. Brunck. 6. v. 8 vo. Argentorati. 1783.
1815 Catalogue, page 151, no. 16, as above.
Aristophanis Comœdiæ Ex Optimis Exemplaribus Emendatæ Studio Rich. Franc. Phil. Brunck Argentoratensis. Tomus I. [-III] Argentorati, Sumtibus Joh. Georgii Treuttel, Bibliopolæ. m dcc lxxxiii . [Typis Joannis Henrici Heitz Academiæ Typographi. mdcclxxxii .]-- Aristophanis Comœdiæ in Latinum Sermonem Conversæ. Tomus. I. [-III] ib. apud Socios Bibliopolas Bauer & Treuttel. mdcclxxxi . [1783, 1781, 1782.]
PA3875 .A2 1783
Together 6 vol. 8vo. Each of the 3 volumes of Comœdiæ in 2 parts, for text and notes, with separate signatures and pagination: I, 156 and 148 leaves, engraved frontispiece by Chris Guerin after N. Guibal, II, 158 and 130 leaves, III, 148, 116 and 84 leaves, the last for the Index, wood-cut ornaments. The printer’s imprint on the last page of each volume, dated respectively, d. iii. Junii a. mdcclxxxii , d. i. Octobr . a. mdcclxxxii, d. xviii. Febr. a. mdcclxxxiii .
Volume IV : page 548
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