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Chapter XXXVII

Sophocles Gr. Lat. Johnson. 2. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 18, as above.
Sophoclis Tragoediæ Septem Scholiis Veteribus Illustratæ: Cum Versione et Notis Thomæ Johnsoni. Accedunt Variæ Lectiones, et Emendationes Virorum Doctorum undecunque collatæ. Duobus Voluminibus. Vol. I. in quo continentur Ajax, Electra, Antigone. [Vol. II. in quo continentur Oedipus Tyrannus, Philoctetes, Oedipus Coloneus, Trachiniæ.] Londini: Impensis Jos. Pote, R. Manby, E. Wicksted, J. Barker, H. S. Cox, Joan. Rivington, J. Richardson, P. Davey & Law. mdcclviii . [1758.]
2 vol. 8vo. 235 and 283 leaves, 16 leaves at the end of Vol. I and 21 at the end of Vol. II, with separate signatures and pagination for the Notae; text in Greek letter, with Latin translation below in long lines, above the notes in double columns on each page of text.
Lowndes V, 2451.
Graesse VI, 441.
Dibdin II, 412.
Sophocles, Greek tragic poet of the fifth century B. C.
Thomas Johnson, fl. 1718, English classical scholar, was educated at Eton and Cambridge. His editions of the various tragedies of Sophocles were originally published separately; the first collected edition appeared in 1745.
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 150, no. 1. Sophoclis Tragoediae, Gr. Lat. Foulis, 2 v 12mo.
‛Αι του Σοφοκλεους Τραγωδιαι σωζομεναι ‛επτα. Sophoclis Tragoediae quae extant septem; cum Versione Latine. Additae sunt Lectiones Variantes; et notae viri doctissimi T. Johnson in quatuor Tragoedias Tom. I. [-II.] Glasguae: in aedibus Academicis Excudebat Robertus Foulis Academiae Typographus mdccxlv . [1745.]
2 vol. sm. 8vo. 181 and 227 leaves, Greek and Latin text on alternate leaves.
Graesse VI, 441.
Ebert 21468.
Dibdin II, 412.
Jefferson’s first entry in the chapter headed Tragedy (his chapter 40) was originally the Foulis edition issued in the same year, in quarto. This entry was erased by Jefferson (though still partly decipherable), and there seems to be no entry for the two-volume edition in small octavo, which is entered in the 1815 Library of Congress catalogue as above.
Both the 8vo and the quarto editions published by Foulis were based on the text of Henri Estienne, and the quarto edition was without the Latin text.
For another edition by Thomas Johnson, see no. 4520, above.
Volume IV : page 527
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