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man’s Guide, and the Importance of Union, Confidence, and Perseverance, in the Midst of Distress . . . London: Printed for J. Johnson by S. Hamilton, 1804.
DS646.4 .W88
First Edition. 8vo. 143 leaves, engraved portrait frontispiece, engraved full-page plates by T. Conder, folded engraved maps; the Introduction, dated from London, July 1804, and the Dedication to Benjamin Hallowell, dated August 1, both by William Vaughan; Appendix on 49 leaves at the end; list of Books Useful to Seamen on the verso of the last leaf (4 books: Robinson Crusoe; Robertson’s Navigation; Hutchinson’s Marine Architecture and Seamanship; Lind on Warm Climates, and Diseases of Seamen).
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Boucher de la Richarderie V, 173.
This book was acquired by Jefferson during the year 1804, and appears on the second half of the list of that year’s acquisitions in his autograph. The first half contained the list of books purchased from Reibelt, and the second half of those obtained “from others”. His copy was bound by John March in calf, gilt, on February 15, 1805, cost $1.00.
David Woodard, b. circa 1749, captain of the United States ship America, visited William Vaughan in London in 1796, and it was during this visit that Vaughan started the compilation of this book, which contains much original matter by him. The Appendix contains Bligh’s account of the Bounty, accounts of the wrecks of the Antelope and the Pandora, J. Z. Holwell’s account of the Black Hole of Calcutta, Sir William Hamilton’s account of the Earth-quake at Calabria, and other interesting matter, including a list of a number of Accidents, Shipwrecks and Escapes, with the Accidents and Remarks in parallel columns.
William Vaughan, 1752-1850, English merchant and author, for a note on whom, see no. 1231.
Voiage de Siberie de l’Abbé Chappe.

Price’s observations on Macintosh’s travels. 8 vo.

Cooke’s journal of his 1 st. voiage in 1770.-74.

Foster’s acc t of Cooke’s [2 d. ] voiage round the world. 4. v. 8 vo.

Samwell’s narrative of the death of Cook. 4 to. [ pamphlet]

Voiage aux terres Australes par Le Sueur et Petit. Atlas. fol.

Shaw’s travels. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 121, no. 268, as above.
SHAW, Thomas.
Travels, or Observations relating to Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant. By Thomas Shaw, D. D. Fellow of Queen’s-College in Oxford, and F. R. S. Oxford: Printed at the Theatre, mdccxxxviii . [1738.]
DT188 .S5
First Edition. Folio. 268 leaves, including 34 at the end for A Collection of such Papers as serve to Illustrate the Foregoing Observations, with separate signatures and pagination; title printed in red and black, list of errata on the verso of the last preliminary leaf, engraved vignette of the Sheldonian Theatre on the title-page, engraved head-pieces by Gravelot, J. Rocque, and others, engraved historiated and pictorial initials, engraved maps, full-page or folded, full-page plates, woodcut illustrations in the text.
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This book is listed by Jefferson with the books on Asia; in the Library of Congress 1815 Catalogue it is transferred to the section headed Africa.
Volume IV : page 152
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