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Busching’s Geography. 6. vols. 4 to.
1815 Catalogue, page 118, no. 233, as above.
BÜSCHING, Anton Friedrich.
A New System of Geography: in which is given, A General Account of the Situation and Limits, the Manners, History, and Constitution, of the several Kingdoms and States in the known World; and a very particular Description of their Subdivisions and Dependencies; their Cities and Towns, Forts, Sea-Ports, Produce, Manufactures and Commerce. By A. F. Busching, D. D. Professor of Philosophy in the University of Gottingen, and Member of the Learned Society at Duisburg. Carefully Translated from the last Edition of the German Original. To the Author’s Introductory Discourse are added three Essays relative to the Subject. Illustrated with Thirty-six Maps, accurately projected on a new Plan. In Six Volumes. Volume the First [-Sixth] . . . London: Printed for A. Millar, m dcc lxii . [1762.]
G114 .B97
First Edition of this translation. 6 vol. 4to. 358, 308, 308, 416, 300, 344 and 370 leaves, engraved folded maps by Tho. Kitchin, list of authorities used at the beginning of the first volume; each title contains a list of the countries described in the volume.
Lowndes I, 331.
Anton Friedrich Büsching, 1724-1793, German geographer and theologian, is regarded as the creator of modern statistical geography. His Erdbeschreibung was first printed in 1754-1761 and was translated into a number of languages.
Patrick Murdoch, d. 1774, Scottish author, was the translator into English of the part of the Erdbeschreibung which relates to the European states.
Marshall’s travels. 3. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 119, no. 118, as above.
Travels through Holland, Flanders, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lapland, Russia, The Ukraine, and Poland, in the Years 1768, 1769, and 1770. In which is particularly minuted, the Present State of those Countries, respecting their Agriculture, Population, Manufactures, Commerce, the Arts, and Useful Undertakings. By Joseph Marshall, Esq. The Second Edition. Vol. I [-III] London: Printed for J. Almon, mdcclxxiii . [1773.]
D917 .M36
3 vol. 8vo. 192, 193 and 181 leaves; half-title in Vol. I, the last leaf in Vol. III has on the recto a list of books printed for J. Almon, verso blank; the list is continued on the rectos or versos of the title and contents leaves in the first signature.
Lowndes III, 1218.
This edition not in the Cambridge Bibl. of Eng. Lit.
Entered by Jefferson in his undated manuscript catalogue, with the price, 8/.
Joseph Marshall, fl. 1770, published the first edition of this work in 1768-1770.
Volume IV : page 108
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