Volume II : page 67
Roberto Sandersono . . . Londini: Typis B. M. prostant apud Ja. Knapton, & Wil. & Joh. Innys, 1719.
Law 387 and BJ1471 .S2
Together 3 vol. in 2. 8vo. 88 and 32 leaves; 152 leaves; 1 folded table (misbound).
This edition not in Lowndes.
Rebound in roan by the Library of Congress in 1903. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T. With the autograph signature of Beverley Randolph, 1739, on both title-pages.
Robert Sanderson, 1587-1663, bishop of Lincoln. The original edition of De juramenti promissorii obligatione was first printed in 1670, Judicum Universitatis Oxoniensis . . . in 1671, and De obligatione concientiae in 1660.
§2.-- Law of Nature and Nations

J. 139
Beller’s delineation of Universal law. 4 to.
1815 Catalogue, page 60. no. 34, as above.
BELLERS, Fettiplace.
A Delineation of Universal Law: being an abstract of an Essay towards deducing the Elements of Universal Law, from the first Principles of Knowledge, and the Nature of Things: in a Methodical and connected series. In Five Books. I. Of Law in general. II. Of Private Law. III. Of Criminal Law. IV. Of the Laws of Magistracy. V. Of the Law of Nations. By Fettiplace Bellers, Esq; The Third Edition. London: Printed by J. Hughs, for R. and J. Dodsley, 1754.
Law 149
4to. 48 leaves: [ ] 4, a, B-L 4, the last two blanks, publisher’s advertisement on L 1.
Lowndes I, 151.
Smith I, 239.
Marvin, page 110.
Old calf, rebacked morocco, the 1815 bookplate preserved under the new end papers. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I.
Fettiplace Bellers, 1687-1750?, Quaker, English philosophical writer and dramatist. The first edition of this work was posthumously published in 1750.
Grotius de jure belli ac pacis. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 60. no. 21, as above.
Hugonis Grotii de Jure Belli ac Pacis Libri Tres, in quibus jus Naturæ & Gentium, item juris publici præcipua esplicantur. Editio nova cum Annotatis Auctoris, ex postrema ejus ante obitum cura multo nunc auctior. Accesserunt & Annotata in Epistolam Pauli ad Philemonem. Amstelodami: Apud Joannem Janssonium, c I ɔ I ɔc LI [1651].
JX2093 .A1
Volume II : page 67
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