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Chapter XXII

J. 1
Gibson’s Codex juris ecclesiastici Anglicani. 2. v. fol.
1815 Catalogue, page 87. no. 17, as above.
GIBSON, Edmund.
Codex juris ecclesiastici Anglicani: or, the Statutes, Constitutions, Canons, Rubricks and Articles, of the Church of England, methodically digested under their proper heads. With a commentary, historical and juridical. Before it, is an Introductory Discourse, concerning the present State of the power, discipline and laws, of the Church of England: and after it, an Appendix of Instruments, ancient and modern. By Edmund Gibson, D.D. Archdeacon of Surrey, Rector of Lambeth, and Chaplain to his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. [-Vol. II.] London: Printed by J. Baskett; and by the assigns of Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceas’d. And are to be sold by R. Whitledge, 1713.
Law 228
First Edition. 2 vol. Folio. 377 and 414 leaves collating in twos with continuous signatures and pagination, title-page in both volumes printed in red and black; list of subscribers on the last four leaves.
This edition not in Marvin.
Sweet & Maxwell I, 131, 21.
Bridgman, page 131.
Clarke, page 73, no. 62.
Old panelled calf, rebacked and repaired. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T in vol. I and 7T and 8I in vol. II. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate inlaid in the new endpapers.
Edmund Gibson, 1669-1748, Bishop of London. This work is reviewed in Sir Michael Foster’s An Examination of the Scheme of Church-Power , the next following entry.
J. 2
Examination of the scheme of Church power in the Codex.
1815 Catalogue, page 87. no. 1, as above, 8vo.
[FOSTER, Sir Michael.]
An Examination of the Scheme of Church-Power, laid down in the Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani, &c. The second edition, corrected. London: Printed J. Roberts [sic], m,dcc,xxxv . [1735]
Law 219
8vo. 85 leaves.
Halkett and Laing II, 232.
Marvin, page 321.
Sweet & Maxwell II, 37, 15.
Clarke, page 69, no. 25 (1).
Rebound in calf by the Library of Congress. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I. By Sir Michael Foster written in ink on the title-page (not by Jefferson).
Sir Michael Foster, 1689-1763, English judge. This work, an examination of the preceding entry, was first published anonymously earlier in the same year.
J. 3
Jura ecclesiastica. 2. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 87. no. 3, as above.
Jura Ecclesiastica: or, the Present Practice in Ecclesiastical Courts. Shewing their origin, extent, increase, power, authority and operation, and in what manner
Volume II : page 376
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