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Chapter XXI

J. 1
Brown’s Compendious view of the civil & admiralty law. 2. v. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 85. no. 3, as above, with reading compend.
BROWNE, Arthur.
A Compendious view of the civil law, and of the law of the admiralty, being the substance of a course of lectures read in the University of Dublin, by Arthur Browne, LL.D. S.F. T.C.D. . . . The second edition, with great additions. Vol. I. containing a view of the civil law. [Vol. II. containing the view of the admirality [ sic -- Ed. ] law.] London: Printed for J. Butterworth, and John Cooke, Dublin; By G. Woodfall, 1802.
Law 173
2 vol. 8vo. 276 and 292 leaves, errata lists at the end of both volumes.
This edition not in Marvin.
Sweet & Maxwell I, 220, 4.
Rebound in calf, vol. II with the 1815 Library of Congress bookplate preserved; some leaves foxed. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I and T in both volumes.
Purchased from Patrick Byrne, Philadelphia, in February, 1805, price $ 6.50.
Arthur Browne, 1756?-1805, Irish lawyer, was the son of Marmaduke Browne, rector of Trinity Church, Newport, R. I., who in 1764 was appointed one of the original fellows of Rhode Island College, known from 1804 as Brown University. Arthur Browne was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he became a fellow. In 1785 he was appointed regius professor of civil and canon law at the University of Dublin.
J. 2
Clarke’s practice of the courts of Admiralty. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 85. no. 12, as above.
CLERKE, Francis.
The Practice of the Court of Admirality [ sic -- Ed. ] of England. Written originally in Latin, by the eminent and learned civilian Francis Clerke, Proctor in the Court of Arches. Now first translated into English . . . London: Printed for T. Browne, and J. Senex, mdccxxii . [1722]
Law 185
First Edition of this translation. 16mo. 54 leaves collating in fours, publishers’ advertisements on the last leaf. This translation was made from the third Latin edition, 1722, the title of which on the verso of the first leaf, faces the English title, and the Latin text of each page faces the English text.
Marvin, page 202.
Sweet & Maxwell I, 220, 6.
Clarke, 242, no. 3.
Rebound in half-calf. Initialled by Jefferson at sig. I. With the autograph signature of William Temple of Bristol on a fly-leaf, and his armorial ex-libris cut round and pasted down.
Francis Clerke, f. 1594, [ sic -- Ed. ] English civilian. This work, originally written in Latin, was first printed in Dublin in 1666. See the next entry.
Volume II : page 363
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