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Chapter XXIV


Special Governments, Antient. / Modern.

FRANCE. Monarchical--Revolutionary--Imperial--her Colonies

ENGLAND. Constitution--Parliament--Dependancies

UNITED STATES. Colonial--Revolutionary--Re-constituted--States

POLITICAL OECONOMY. General--Statistics--Commerce--Finance

. . . for tho’ we may say with confidence that the worst of the American constitutions is better than the best which ever existed before in any other country, & that they are wonderfully perfect for a first essay, yet every human essay must have defects. it will remain therefore to those now coming on the stage of public affairs to perfect what has been so well begun to those going off it . . .
letter from Thomas Jefferson to thomas mann randolph, july 6, 1787.
. . . the truth is that I have been drawn by the history of the times from Physical & mathematical sciences, which were my passion, to those of politics & government towards which I had naturally no inclination . . .
letter from Thomas Jefferson to caspar wistar, june 10, 1817.
J. 1
Machiavelli Princeps............................................ }

Agrippae oratio contra Monarchiam. }

Moecenatis oratio pro Monarchia. }

Steph. Junii Bruti vindiciae contra tyrannos. }

De jure magistratuum tractatus........................... }
1815 Catalogue, page 100. no. 4, as above, 12mo.
Nicolai Machiavelli Princeps. Ex Sylvestri Telii Fulginatis traductione diligenter emendata. Adiecta svnt eivsdem argumenti aliorum quorundam contra Machiauellum scripta de potestate & officio principum contra tyrannos. c I ɔ I ɔ xxcix . Without name of place or printer [ Basle? 1589]
JC143 .M3 1589
8vo. 2 parts in 1. 112 and 168 leaves, woodcut portrait at the end; separate title for Vindiciæ contra tyrannos . . . Stephano Ivnio Bruto Celta, auctore [i.e. Hubert Languet]; half-title for De Ivre magistratvvm in svbditos . . . [by J. B. Fickler], continuous pagination and signatures.
Gerber, page 71, no. 3.
This edition not in Haag.
Old calf, repaired, with the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate preserved. Initialled at sig. I and T by Jefferson, who has written on the second title by Hubert Languet and see 1 st. Hollis’s memoirs. 129. and on the third
Volume III : page 1
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