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Geography. Chap. 30. General.

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. Cluverii geographia. 16 s . [ed. this listing presents an interesting example of Sowerby’s attempted compilation. This work was clearly entered into the Great Library MS by 1783, though the "p.f." is written in a black ink, usually indicating it is a later annotation. It also has a diagonal cross-out (also in black ink) of just this one work, rare in the MS. Sowerby included this title, but in a 24 s Elzivir edition, based on TJ’s notation of such a work in the 1789 List. The Trist MS confirms that just such an edition was sold to Congress. Probably, the "16s" edition was lost sometime after 1783, it was crossed out and TJ replaced it with a "p.f." or 24 s Elzivir edition, and that edition was subsequently sold to Congress.]
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page 158
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