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34. Paintings.
Belisarius from Salvator Rosa [Date obolum Belisario]
Jeptha meeting his daughter by Zocchi.
St. Ignatius at prayer by
The Prodigal son from Salvator Rosa. 8f. 3.I. high. 6f. 5½ I wide.
Susanna & the two elders by Rubens. 6f. high. 7f. 8¼ I.wide.
The stoning of St. Stephen. from Le Soeur. 9f. 8½ I. high. 11. f. 3¾ wide.
Curtius leaping into the gulph. from Mola. 6f. 4½ I. high. 11. f. 4¼ wide.
Cocles defending the bridge. companion to the other.
Paul preaching at Athens from a cartoon of Ra. Urbin.
The sacrifice of Iphegenia.
Seleucus giving his wife Stratonice to his son.

page 184
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