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3. Sculpture. Chap. 33. Books.
Spence’s Polymetis. fol.
Signa et Statua antiqua Perrier. fol.
Le Gemme antiche figurate di Michel Angelo. Causeo. de la Chaussée 4 to .
2062 Imp[. . .]te in Solfo del museo di Christiano Behri. [ab t 1/stand.]
56 Impressimi in Solfo da pietre incise dal Pichler.
2856 plates by Tassie. London. from the impressions in Sulphur of antique and modern gems.
Monumenti antichi, inediti. de l’Abbé Winkelman.
Antiques du Musèe. 12 mo .
Venus of Medicis. Perrier. 81.82.83.
Apollo Belvidere. Perrier. 30.31.
Antinous Perrier. 53.
Hercules Farnese. Perrier. 2.3.4.
Dancing Fawn.
Messenger pulling a thorn out of his foot. Perrier. 42.
Roman slave whetting his knife. Perrier. 17.
The Gladiator at Montalto.
Myrmillo expiring. Perrier. 91.
The Gladiator reposing himself after the engagement.
Hercules & Antaeus.
The two wrestlers. Perrier. 35.36.

page 180
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