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J. 11
Aeschinis epistolae. Gr. Sammet. p 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 153, no. 6, as above.
Aeschinis Rhetoris Epistolae vt circvmfervntvr dvodecim Qvas e recensione Io Taylori Angli, cvm eivsdem et Wolfii, Marklandi, Gvillonii, Tovpii, Io. Iac. Reiskii, et svis qvalibvscvnqve notvlis, e prima Aldi Manvtii Venetiis 1499 impressa editione continva tamen varia lectione codicvm inprimis Helmstadiensis, adiecta edidit Iohann Samvel Sammet accessit appendicis instar vna qvae svperest Aeschinis Socratici epistola. Lipsiae: svmtv E. B. Svicqverti, m dcc lxxi . [1771.]
PA3823 .A29 1771
Sm. 8vo. 80 leaves, Greek text above the notes on each page.
Ebert 167.
Bound, probably for Jefferson, calf, gilt vase tool on the back. Not initialled. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Bought by Jefferson from Koenig of Strassburg. Ordered by him in a letter dated from Paris June 29, 1789, with a number of books from Koenig’s catalogue; billed to Jefferson by Koenig in [ sic -- Ed. ] July 8, price £ 1.10.
Aeschines, 5th century B. C. Athenian philosopher and orator, was the friend of Socrates.
John Taylor, 1704-1766, English classical scholar, was a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Antiquarian Society.
J. 12
Epistolae Apollonii Tyanei, Anacharsidis, Euripidis, Theani, Hippocratis, Democriti, Heracliti, Diogenis et Cratetis. Gr. Lat. 12 mo. 1606.
1815 Catalogue, page 154, no. 4, as above.
Epistolae Apollonii Tyanei, Anacharsidis, Evripidis, Theanvs, Aliorúmque ad eosdem. Nunc primùm editæ Græcè simul ac Latinè per Eilhardvm Lvbinvm. Ex Officina Commeliniana. m d c i . [1601.]
PA3487 .E4 1601
First Edition. Sm. 8vo. 2 parts in 1, each with a title within a woodcut border, 74 and 92 leaves, separate signatures and pagination, Greek and Latin text on opposite pages.
Ebert 6822.
Graesse II, 488.
Old vellum, red label on the back lettered in gilt: Epist. / Veter. / Græ Cor. / Not initialled by Jefferson. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Eilhard Lubin, 1565-1621, German scholar.
J. 13
Aristenaeti epistolae. Gr. Lat. 12 mo. Par. 1610.
1815 Catalogue, page 153, no. 5, as above.
Αρισταινετου Επιστολαι. Aristaeneti Epistolæ Graecae. Cum Latina interpretatione & Notis. Tertia editio emendatior & auctior. Parisiis: Apud Marcvm Orry, via Iacobæa, sub insigni Leonis salientis. m. dc. x . Cum priuilegio Regis. [1610.]
PA3874 .A2 1610
8vo. 152 leaves. Greek and Latin text on alternate leaves, printer’s woodcut device on the title-page.
Ebert 1064.
This edition not in Dibdin.
Old calf, blue endpapers. Not initialled by Jefferson. Lettres galantes written in ink on the title-page, not by Jefferson. With the Library of Congress 1815 bookplate.
Volume V : page 5
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