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once & I returned it. I would prefer it unbound if to be had so . . .
Short procured the book from Goldsmith and sent it to Jefferson on June 20, with a copy of Goldsmith’s memoire (marked pd. June 29, 1790.) which included Tacite de l’Abbé Brothier. 7 vol. 21.10 ( livres).
The Spanish translation was bought from Lackington, ordered with others in a letter written by Jefferson on September 9, 1789, at the moment when he was “ about leaving Paris for some time”. This book was no. 9680 in the catalogue: Tacitus in Spanish. 8vo. 6/6.
This edition in Spanish is the only one of the three under consideration listed in Jefferson’s undated manuscript catalogue.
Gabriel Brotier, 1723-1789, French humanist and Jesuit, was librarian of the College of Louis-le-Grand. His first edition of Tacitus was published in 1771 in 4to.
Emanuel Sueyro, born in 1587 in Antwerp, of Portuguese ancestry, is chiefly known for his translations into Spanish.
For a note on Gordon see the previous entry.
Suetonius. Delphini. 8 vo.
1815 Catalogue, page 6. no. 84, as above.
C. Suetonii Tranquilli Opera omnia quæ extant, Interpretatione et Notis illustravit Augustinus Babelonius, jussu Christianissimi regis, ad usum serenissimi Delphini . . . Londini: E Typographæo Mariæ Matthews. Impensis R. Knaplock, J. & B. Sprint, B. Tooke [and others], M.DCC.XVIII. [1718.]
PA6700 .A2 1718
8vo. 400 leaves; title printed in red and black, text in long lines, notes in double columns.
Lowndes V, page 2543.
Rebound in half red morocco by the Library of Congress. Initialled by Jefferson at sigs. I and T.
Bought from Lackington, in a letter from Jefferson written from Paris on Sep. 9, 1789, giving an order for a number of books from Lackington’s last catalogue, including “ 9292 Suetonius Delphini. 8vo. 4/6.
It is entered without price on the undated manuscript catalogue.
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, fl. A.D. 98-138, Roman historian and private secretary to the Emperor Hadrian. The first Delphin edition of the Opera was published in Paris in 1684 in quarto.
Historiae Augustae scriptores sex. viz. }

Aelius Spartianus. }

Julius Capitolinus. }

Aelius Lampridius. }2. v. 8 vo

Vulcatius Gallicanus. }

Trebellius Pollio. }

Flavius Vopiscus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . }
1815 Catalogue, page 5. no. 85, as above.
Historiæ Augustæ Scriptores VI. Ælius Spartianus. Julius Capitolinus. Ælius Lampridius. Vulc. Gallicanus. Trebell. Pollio. Flavius Vopiscus. Cum integris Notis Isaaci Casauboni, Cl. Salmasii & Jani Gruteri. Cum Indicibus locupletissimis Rerum ac Verborum. Tomus I [-II]. Lugduni Batav.: Ex Officina Hackiana, A o MDCLXXI. [1671.]
DG205 .H5 1671
Volume I : page 39
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