Volume I : page 281
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
1815 Catalogue, page 26. no. 81, Massachusetts papers, 1797-1807, 9 vols.
1. 1831 Library of Congress catalogue, page 65. no. J. 218, Adams and Larkin’s Independent Chronicle, from October 9, 1797, to November 3, 1800, 1 v. folio; Boston.
The Independent Chronicle. Boston: Adams and Larkin, 1797-1800.
Folio. Bi-weekly.
Parsons, page 90. Brigham, page 307.
Republican. This paper, established in 1776, became the leading organ in New England of the Jeffersonian school of political ideas.
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
2. 1831 Catalogue, page 66, no. J. 227, Independent Chronicle and Constitutional Telegraphe, 1800, 1801, 1 v. folio; Boston.
For the Independent Chronicle see no. 589.
The Constitutional Telegraphe. Boston: Jonathan S. Copp for the Proprietor, 1800, 1801.
Jeffersonian. A bi-weekly paper, originally established in 1799 by Samuel S. Parker. With the issue of October 1, 1800, the paper was published by John S. Lillie.
Brigham, page 280.
In sending a bill for The Constitutional Telegraphe from October 1, 1801 to April 1, 1802 ($ 4.50), John S. Lillie wrote on October 12, 1803, to Jefferson: “When I was Editor of the News Paper called the Constitutional Telegraphe, I sent it on to you, as did Doct r. Parker, who was the original Editor of that Paper. I should not at this late period have thought of forwarding my Bill to you, which I have inclosed in this Letter, but for my misfortunes. I have suffered, Sir, very much in consequence of my too ardent zeal in the Republican cause, & am willing, if it should be necessary, still to suffer more, neither the neglect of my Republican friends, nor the contumely or contempt of my federal enemies, will, I trust, ever induce me to alter my political creed. Perhaps my zeal in the Republican cause when I edited the Telegraphe, made me rather imprudent; I certainly meant well, & my concience [ sic -- Ed. ] does not reproach me with an intention, to injure, either directly, or indirectly, the private character of any man. The distress of my family was great during my unfortunate imprisonment for a supposed libel on Judge Dana; at that time, two of my Children lay at the point of Death, particularly, the youngest, who has the honor to bear your name . . .

"You no doubt will recollect Sir, that the Constitut l. Telegraphe , was, at one time, the only decided Republican Paper in this State. and if I know my own heart, when I became its Editor, I had no other view, than the good of my native Country, in the promotion of Republicanism in your Election to the Chief magistracy of the nation, and to this single point I exerted with pleasure all the abilities which I possessed, & had the inexpressible satisfaction to find the cause triumphant . . .”
Not in the Manuscript Catalogue.
3. 1831 Catalogue, page 65. no. J. 219, Adams and Rhoades’ Independent Chronicle, 1802 to 1808, 7 v. folio; Boston.
Abijah Adams and Ebenezer Rhoades entered into partnership for the above papers in May, 1800.
Volume I : page 281
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