Volume IV : page 142
les Mœurs & les Usages, les Arts & les Sciences des Chinois. Rédigé par M. l’Abbé Grosier, Chanoine de S. Louis du Louvre. A Paris: chez Moutard, Imprimeur-Libraire de la Reine, de Madame, & de Madame Comtesse d’Artois, rue des Mathurins, Hôtel de Cluni. m. dcc. lxxxv. Avec Approbation, & Privilége du Roi. [1785.]
DS708 .G86 1785
First Edition. 4to. 401 leaves, including the half-title.
Quérard III, 487 (with date 1786).
Backer, col. 1858, no. 4.
Entered by Jefferson in his undated manuscript catalogue, with the price, 14f10.
Jean Baptiste Gabriel Alexandre Grosier, 1743-1823, French Jesuit abbé.
This volume forms Volume XIII of L’Histoire generale de la Chine du Père J. A. M. de Moyriac de Mailla , published in Paris, 1777-1783, 12 vol. 4to., for an account of which see Backer, as above. Grosier’s work was quickly translated into English, Italian and German.
Poyvre sur les moeurs et les arts de l’Afrique, l’Asie et l’Amerique. 12 mo.
1815 Catalogue, page 120, no. 41, as above.
POIVRE, Pierre.
Voyages d’un Philosophe, ou Observations sur les Moeurs & les Arts des Peuples de l’Afrique, de l’Asie & de l’Amérique. Par M. Poyvre, ancien Intendant de l’Isle de France. A Maestricht: chez Jean-Edme Dufour & Philippe Roux, m. dcc. lxxix . [1779.]
S403 .P745 [ sic -- Ed. ]
12mo. 80 leaves including the last blank, engraved frontispiece in sepia by Willmin, engraved folded maps of Asia and Africa; half title for Suite des Recherches sur l’État de l’Agriculture chez différentes Nations de l’Afrique & de l’Asie on C xi, continuous signatures and pagination.
Quérard VII, 248.
Sabin 63717.
This edition not in Boucher de la Richarderie.
Gay 4.
Entered by Jefferson in his undated manuscript catalogue with the price 1f10 + rel.
It seems probable that Jefferson bought his copy after May 17, 1789, in which day he wrote in a letter to Benjamin Vaughan in London: “ . . . the collection of the works of M. de Poivre has not, as I believe, been ever published. it could hardly have escaped my knowledge if they had been ever announced . . .
This was in answer to Benjamin Vaughan’s letter, sent from London on March 26, to Jefferson in Paris: “. . . If I mistake not, M r Laurens when in England last, told me, that they had formerly tried dry rice in South Carolina without success.--I did not then enter into particulars, having only put the question to him as consequence of what I read in M. le Poivre’s book; but the case certainly required explanation. The sort might not be the best, among other things; & no point of such moment ought to be given up under many experiments.

"Having mentioned M. le Poivre’s name, it occurs to me to mention also that in the Notice sur la vie de M. le Poivre , published in France 2 or 3 years ago, it was stated that Commodore Barnet had taken the papers, when he took the person, of M. le Poivre. As the papers were stated as very interesting, I applied to the son of Com. Barnet who is the banker of my house; but could learn no traces of such papers, or of such a prisoner, though he had applied to a relation who had been his father’s secretary at the time. I find the old papers at our Admiralty are in such disorder, that it is vain to hope they will be found among them.--Has the collection of Mr. le Poivre’s works, intimated in the Notice, ever appeared, or is it likely to appear? . . .
Volume IV : page 142
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